Increase student investment during and after class.

Engage every student in your classes directly using text messages.

Over 98% of text messages are read within 15 minutes. Now you can finally tap into the power of SMS to communicate effectively with your students.

ClassPager's revolutionary technology guarantees that all phone numbers are hidden. Text message students with total privacy and peace of mind.

Students can text back and forth with you, without ever revealing their phone number. You can manage the flow of text messages all from the web, so your phone doesn't get overwhelmed with incoming respones.

And best of all, every ClassPager plan comes with unlimited texting forever — even our free plan. So go ahead. Texting in class is finally the right thing to do.

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Any device

Any student. Any device. Any time.

Assessing every single student in realtime is now as easy as pushing a single button on your screen.

Throw away those clickers. Students always have their phone, even when they forget to bring everything else.

Ask a question in realtime during your lecture — and find out right away which students are on track. And you can go back later to work with struggling students, because ClassPager securely stores all interaction data for you to review later.

Extend the walls of your classroom.

Keep students invested by sending motivational messages and homework reminders when they're not in class. Post to your blog or Tumblr, then text everyone the link with one click using ClassPager.

Involve parents with the same ease, from the same screen. They might lose emails in the noise of everyday life, but you know they'll read their texts.

Share classroom updates. Send event reminders. Answer questions about homework. Make sure students bring supplies. Drive academic competition.

And remind your students that learning doesn't end when the school day does.

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