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200 Students

Unlimited Classrooms

Unlimited Texting



75 Students

Unlimited Classrooms

Unlimited Texting


Free Forever

25 Students

One Classroom

Unlimited Texting

Need more? We have plans for any size!

All paid plans include unlimited classrooms and unlimited texting.

Number of SeatsPrice
1400 Students$140/monthGet Started
1200 Students$120/monthGet Started
1000 Students$100/monthGet Started
800 Students$80/monthGet Started
600 Students$60/monthGet Started
400 Students$40/monthGet Started

What about privacy and data security?

ClassPager's revolutionary technology means you never see the phone numbers of anyone in your classroom! You'll only see their names in your list, so you don't have to worry about being responsible for student phone numbers.

And we use SSL encryption — that's the same kind of security that's on your bank's website. All data is written instantly to our secure cloud, backed up daily, and stored permanently to provide a secure and auditable paper trail.

What is a “classroom” on ClassPager?

A “classroom” is a group of people that you want to send broadcasts and polls to simultaneously.

Some teachers like to have one "classroom" for all their students and another one for all the parents. Professors sometimes group their students by recitation sections.

All paid plans have unlimited classrooms, so you can use whatever method works for you!

What about more students, multiple teachers, and school-wide plans?

Of course!

Our school-wide and district-wide plans run on our cloud, so there's no burden on your IT support staff. We'll work with you to import your data so you can get started quickly.

And we provide training materials — both written manuals and video walkthroughs.

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