What is ClassPager?

ClassPager is the only web site designed specifically for teachers to text message back and forth with students and parents.

Thanks to our magical technology, it's safe, free, and easy. No one ever sees anyone else's phone number!

How does ClassPager work?

It's just 3 easy steps!

  1. First, as a teacher, you add your class name to our system, and we generate a free ClassPager code for your classroom.
  2. Share the unique code with students and parents. Anyone who texts ClassPager with this unique code will be "enrolled" in the class.
  3. Now any messages that you send from ClassPager will go to everyone who is enrolled! If they reply, you can start an individual conversation with them. As a teacher, you only see their name and never their phone number.

So here is an example of how it would work:

  • Mrs. Smith adds her "Statistics 101" class to our system.
  • We give Mrs. Smith the special code @STAT and one of our ClassPager phone numbers (for example, 206-866-MATH).
  • Mrs. Smith shares ClassPager's phone number and her special code with all of her students (and parents!) in Statistics 101.
  • When a student texts us with the code, we know to add them to Mrs. Smith's Statistics 101 class.
  • Now Mrs. Smith can easily text with everyone in her class.
    She'll send out updates and reminders, easily handle scheduling and location changes, answer student questions, and more!

How do my students/parents sign up?

Students and parents sign up by sending a text message with a teacher's class code to the ClassPager phone number that we assign your classroom. (e.g. text @MATH to 555-555-555).

Will students see my phone number?

No, never! That’s the beauty of ClassPager.

We give every classroom one of our phone numbers, and that's the only thing that a parent or student interacts with. Once the student texts us, ClassPager asks for his or her name. We show only the name to the teacher.

ClassPager never shows the teacher anyone's phone number, and we never ask for or share the teacher's phone number.

Teachers never see student phone numbers, and students never see the teacher's phone number.

How much does it cost?

ClassPager is free forever for you to use with 1 classroom. Send and receive unlimited text messages for free!

When you're ready to roll it out to all your other classrooms, we offer simple pricing plans for SMS polling starting at $10/month.

Do you support international messaging?

Currently, we support messaging with the U.S.A. and Canada, with local numbers for both countries!

If you'd like to use ClassPager at your school outside the US, email us and we'll get moving!

Is it free for students and parents?

Standard messaging rates apply.

Are class codes case sensitive?


As a teacher, how many classes can I add on ClassPager?

Your first class is free forever! When you upgrade, you can add unlimited classes.

Do you have a solution for school administrators or for district-level use?

Yes. It is a private program, and we are slowly adding more districts.

Want to join? Reach out and let us know: sales@classpager.com

Do you have a smartphone app?

We're working on iPhone and Android apps for both teachers and students. Keep your eye on your favorite App Store, and on our web site, for them!

Want other devices or platforms? Please let us know: contact@classpager.com

Will ClassPager share my phone number with anyone?


As a student or parent, how do I opt out of receiving text messages?

To unsubscribe from a specific class, simply text the word "stop" (and nothing else) to that phone number. We'll text back a confirmation and then never contact you again (unless you re-enroll with a classroom code).

I’m a student and want to use ClassPager, but my teacher isn’t using it yet. What can I do?

Great! Let your teachers know you want to use it, and let them know they can email us at teachers@classpager.com if they have any questions.

Where can I report bugs or feature requests?

Email us and we’ll get on it right away!

Still have questions? Want to know the meaning of life?

We're here for you. Just email us: contact@classpager.com